At a little visited, but stunning waterfall in Arizona.

Hello, we are Max and Kim Karren and Back o’ Beyond is our outdoor blog. I’m (Max) a freelance web developer and Kim is a travel nurse. In May 2016, we decided to leave our cozy bungalow in Salt Lake City, UT and set off for the Pacific Northwest with our Australian Cattle Dog, Arrow (nicknamed “Buddy”).

Kim took a position at Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles, WA and we spent the summer exploring the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, nearby British Colombia, and the Cascade Range. We then hopped over to the other side of Puget Sound to Bothell, WA for the Fall. We have now landed in Tucson, AZ and are having a great time drying out under the Sonoran sun.

From the time we started dating in 2011, Kim had a passion for going places and experiencing new things. That affinity only grew as time went on, and we spent as much time as we could road tripping around Utah to hike and camp among the state’s enormous natural beauty. When we could, we went further and had the chance to spend time wandering Nicaragua, Peru, and spent our honeymoon on the Big Island.

Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I’m with you

– Edward Sharpe

We started Back o’ Beyond to share our stories, photos, and advice along with gear reviews and lessons learned. We do our best to organize and plan for our adventures, but life has a way of throwing uncertainty at you, like the time our Toyota RAV4 broke down in rural Oregon and we had to give it to a sketchy mechanic because we couldn’t afford to have it fixed.

That being said, we hope the info here will help you plan fun and exciting trips and inspire you to head straight to the Back o’ Beyond.

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