The Karren family in Yosemite

Max Karren profile picture


  • Day job: Founder and web developer at Chuckwalla Design
  • Hobbies: Trail running, backpacking, skiing
  • Favorite cactus: Organ Pipe, because it looks like it has tentacles
  • Favorite flower: Saguaro blossom
  • Favorite trail snack: Beef jerky
  • Interesting fact: Middle name is Netzahualcoyotl, which means “Coyote who fasts.”

Kim Karren


  • Day job: Critical Care Nurse, Web designer
  • Hobbies: Watercolor painting, backpacking
  • Favorite cactus: Funny Bunny, because of the name
  • Favorite flower: Indian Paintbrush
  • Favorite Trail Snack: Clementines
  • Interesting fact: Michael Jackson’s former giraffes once licked her toes on the Navajo Reservation

Maia Karren


  • Day job: Professional tantrum thrower
  • Hobbies: Coloring, hopping like a bunny
  • Favorite trail snack: Yogurt
  • Interesting fact: Her favorite animal is “DINOSAUUURSSS!”

Arrow the Australian Cattle Dog


  • Day job: Bee chaser
  • Hobbies: Attacking the vacuum, eating lizards
  • Favorite trail snack: Horse manure
  • Interesting fact: Once removed all of the credit cards from Max’s wallet, swallowed it whole, and then vomited it up in the car on the way to Canyonlands

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