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An Overnighter in Lost Dutchman State Park

Sunset Lost Dutchman State Park

For Kim’s 27th birthday, I scored some lower bowl tickets to the Phoenix Suns vs. Utah Jazz. After taking her to a few games in Salt Lake City, UT, Kim became a fan and was excited for the opportunity to watch them in Phoenix. She even designed her own T-shirt and wore it to the game.

We decided we ought to combine our time in the city with some hiking and camping in the Superstitions, a range of mountains east of the metro area. After seeing some iconic photography of Flat Iron Peak, I decided Lost Dutchman State Park was a good destination.

Legend has it that there is an unclaimed gold mine in the area, dating back to the 19th century when it was discovered and kept secret by German immigrant Jacob Waltz. After researching the subject, I was surprised to find that people have died trying to find it.

At the time, we had no idea there was gold in them hills. However, the view from our campground was top notch and an evening hike along nearby trails provided some beautiful views.


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