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Enepitsi Trail Hiking Guide

Enepitsi Trail



The Enepitsi Trail is a wide, family and dog-friendly trail that runs along the Santa Clara River near St. George. There are several petroglyph panels in the boulders and cliffs next to Enepitsi Trail and some etchings left by pioneers and cowboys.

“Enepitsi” is a Southern Paiute word that means ghost. Ancient peoples depended on this precious water source in the desert, as did the Mormon settlers, and so do the area’s current residents.

Please pay respect to this canyon’s rich history and do not disturb its archeological sites.

Enepitsi Trail - Petroglyphs
Petroglyphs above the Enepitsi Trail

Quick Facts

  • Distance: 3 miles out and back
  • Hike Time: 1-2 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 250 feet
  • Fee: Free
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Difficulty: Easy

Hiking the Enepitsi (Ghost) Trail

The hike begins at Tukupetsi Trailhead off of a dirt road that follows Graveyard Wash. There is a junction here where two dirt roads are both marked with “no trespassing” signs. You’ll want to avoid driving or hiking on those roads.

Instead, park in the dirt lot and walk north across Graveyard Wash to a sign placed by the Santa Clara River Reserve – BLM. Follow the trail and bear left at the first junction. This single track is called the Anasazi Trail. It’s frequented by mountain bikers.

After a few minutes, you’ll notice a narrower spur trail to the left. Bear left onto this trail and follow it down to a dirt road, then bear right onto the road at the gate. Here, the Santa Clara River comes into view.

Enepitsi Trail - Santa Clara River
The lush banks of the Santa Clara River. April 2020

As you follow the road downhill to the riverbank, it narrows slightly. This pathway was part of the Old Spanish Trail, a historical trade route that dates back to the 16th century.

To the left, the river spills over an old dam which creates a nice waterfall. This would be a great place to swim on one of St. George’s many hot days.

The Enepitsi Trail continues along the Santa Clara River for 1.5 miles before petering out.

Look for petroglyphs in the boulders and cliffs of Land Hill to your right (north). These were made by Ancestral Puebloans, who occupied the area between 700 and 1200 A.D.

Enepitsi Trail - Petroglyphs
Another interesting petroglyph panel

They were later replaced by the Southern Paiutes, who also used the river’s water for agriculture. They are survived by the Shivwits Tribe, which lives nearby, in the outskirts of Ivins, UT.

Enepitsi Trail - Desert Globemallow
Desert globemallow on the Enepitsi Trail. April 2020



Tukupetsi Trailhead is found in Graveyard Wash across from a dirt parking lot. From St. George, follow Bluff Street then turn left onto Sunset Boulevard (becomes Old Highway 91). Continue straight for 4.1 miles, then turn left onto Graveyard Wash.

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Enepitsi Trail - Petroglyphs
My 2-year-old daughter found this petroglyph on our hike. She said, “Look a circle!”
Enepitsi Trail - Bizarre rock formation
A bizarre rock formation along the Enepitsi Trail

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