Kim at Upper Joffre Lake

These days, there are endless tools available for finding hiking trails. Lucky us! Unfortunately, a lot of the crowd-sourced sites give you incomplete or out-of-date information. Wouldn’t you rather use a hiking guide written by an expert?

At Back o’ Beyond, we pride ourselves in writing in-depth guides that give you everything you need to know so you can do incredible hikes and get out there and back safely.

Most of the guides are written by me (Max) and my wife Kim. We share a mutual passion for the outdoors and fell in love while camping in the Moab desert.

In October 2019, we moved into an RV full time so we could explore the American West, doing hikes along the way.

Note: When it comes to “secret” archeological and natural sites that we feel are insufficiently protected, we don’t give explicit directions. We encourage experienced explorers to use our posts along with recommended topo maps and guidebooks to find these sacred places.

Please practice Leave No Trace principles on the trail.


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