Kim at Upper Joffre Lake

You can view our hiking guides using the map or index below. Each guide includes an overview that summarizes the hike, quick facts (e.g. distance, hike time, elevation gain/loss, fees, etc.), a long description, the hike’s location, a map, general tips, and photos.

Hike time and difficulty are dependent on a hiker’s physical fitness, how often (and for how long) breaks are taken, and whether one tends to lose the trail. Given this, please take these figures with a grain of salt. Kim has repeatedly informed me that I overestimate the speed at which people hike on average. After careful consideration, I have determined that this might be true.

Hopefully, these guides can introduce you to some magnificent places to explore. If you happen to use one of them to plan a hike, please let us know how it went in the comments section. Happy hiking!

– Max


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