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Pay It Forward with the Gear.com ‘Give A Buck’ Program

Pay It Forward with the Gear.com 'Give A Buck' Program

When you buy something on Gear.com, they’ll give you 10% back AND let you donate 10% to a charity or friend

I hadn’t heard of Gear.com until they approached me, asking if I would be interested in helping them to create awareness for their Give a Buck program.

Gear.com is an up-and-coming e-commerce website that carries both well-known and lesser known brands that are all great quality.

Black Diamond, Smith, Gerber, Goal Zero, Xero Shoes (read my Z-Trail review), and Peak Design are just a few names that make products I happen to own and hold in high regard. Gear.com is a vendor for all of these and more.

I think the Give a Buck program is a unique and generous idea. The 10% back on every purchase is great, but the 10% donated to a charity or friend is truly awesome.

To test out their customer service, I ordered a Goal Zero Crush Light and FIip 24 Power Bank. Everything shipped on time, the Gear.com staff was friendly, and I couldn’t be happier.

Watch this funny video Gear.com made to learn how you can prevent “insidism”, a made-up word for a 9-5er disease that has terrible repercussions.

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