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Review: Women’s Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal

Viakix Acadia - women's hiking sandal

Overall Rating: 9/10


Viakix’s founder Elissa created her adventure sandals with one goal in mind: to perfectly unite beauty, function, and affordability.

The company was created in the United States and manufactures their footwear in China.

Viakix was kind enough to send me a pair of their Acadia hiking sandals in return for feedback.

The shoes are reminiscent of Teva’s more feminine models – namely the Tirra and Verra, but they come with a much smaller price tag. They are comfortable and sturdy enough for a mellow hike without looking out of place in a casual restaurant.

Overall, these chic sandals are a welcome edition to the women’s hiking shoe market.

Viakix Acadia

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Viakix reached out to us in August of 2020 to see if I would like to try a pair of their sandals. They touted them as being versatile hiking sandals with excellent arch support. I had just worn out my umpteenth pair of Tevas, so I figured I’d give them a try.

As a desert rat and full-time RVer, I’m always looking for something that can keep my feet comfortable and cool in dusty environments. I love a shoe that I can cross a rushing stream or a city street in.

I wore the Viakix for several months in the central Arizona desert near Sedona. They carried me over dust, river crossings, slick rock, and sidewalks as we explored the towns of Sedona, Jerome, and Cottonwood, and hiked in the surrounding desert.

Here are a couple of the hikes we did:

So far, I have taken my Viakix about 40 miles.

Hiking Sedona in Viakix sandals


Rating: 10/10

The Acadia’s sole is about 1 cm thick and made of lightweight, flexible rubber. The midsole is manufactured with cushioned EVA foam that makes for a nice bounce. A slight pebbled texture to the midsole prevents your plantar surface from sliding around.

Five hook and loop straps can be adjusted for a better fit, further ensuring that your foot stays exactly where you want it to be. I found these extra straps gave the shoe a lot more comfort and stability than similar sandals I have worn in the past.

I also love that I can leave the back strap off and use them as slides for a quick trip outside.

At 1 lb 1 oz, they they are a bit too heavy to be considered minimalist footwear (like the Earthrunners Adventure Sandals we have reviewed in the past), but the extra weight is worth it for the added comfort.

Continue reading for more about how they feel.


Rating: 10/10

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Acadias are. As advertised, the arch support was great. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past, and good arch support is a MUST for me. Fortunately, the Viakix deliver.

The straps have soft cushioning underneath them that wicks sweat away and keeps blisters from forming. There is extra cushioning around the ankle joints, which is a big difference maker when you’re hiking several miles.

Viakix Acadia ankle straps
Soft cushioning lines the undersides of the Viakix Acadia ankle straps


Rating: 8/10

After 40 miles in desert and city terrain, I’m pleased with how well they have held up, especially for their low price.

The treads are still in great shape. There has been no separation in the rubber and foam components. The midsole is still supportive and comfortable.

I have noticed a few areas where threads have lifted on top of the straps. Additionally, the hook and loop patches have slightly frayed in some areas. Overall, however, the straps are still in solid shape.

Several threads have lifted on the Viakix Acadia straps after 40 miles of wear, but they still look pretty good


Rating: 7/10

Okay, so I don’t think the perfect union between form and function has been achieved here. They are cuter than a pair of Chacos, but this shoe would still look out of place with a cocktail dress.

The multitude of straps adds comfort and stability, but they don’t give the Acadia any points for fashion. The appearance of this shoe still says “hiking” to me.

Limited color choices of black, grey, tan, and navy reinforce the utilitarian feel. I hope Viakix adds more colors in the future. I would love to have this shoe in mint green or violet.

Viakix’ other sandals are slightly more feminine. I was particularly drawn to the dainty Samara, but ultimately chose the Acadia because it seemed like a better choice for hiking.

The Viakix Samara in navy blue


Rating: 10/10

The price point is excellent for a well-made, stylish shoe. Their durability and comfort is comparable to footwear from larger brands, but the price is lower. The value is a no brainer!

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  1. Just ordered my third pair! The Sandles are great, thoughI am disappointed in the very limited colour range. I would love some bright colours!

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