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Soaking With Friends in an Old Mineshaft

Goldmyer Waterfall

Our destination was Goldmyer Hot Springs, one of the Cascade Range’s treasures. The pools are tucked away in the Snoqualmie Region’s dense forest, a couple hours outside of Seattle. If you are planning to visit, be sure to visit and obtain a permit. You are also required to have a NW Forest Pass to park at the trailhead.

Kim and I shared a Ford F-150 with our good friends Joe and Shelby, residents of Portland, OR. Jason and Sable, our other compadres, took a separate pickup truck and our plan was to meet at the trailhead. It was getting late and we had to push it to make the 9pm check-in at the Goldmyer property, which was stewarded by a young couple.

We snarfed down some necessary Taco Time for the rough 4WD road (plus 4.5 mile one-way walk to the springs), and set off. Somehow, we boogied our way up the trail and made it just a few minutes late. Thankfully, we weren’t turned away and wandered up the final stretch, a stoney path that Joe called “Hobbit-like,” an apt description.

The lower pool was the perfect size and temperature for all four of us to fit in and stay warm. Meanwhile, soft raindrops drizzled from the misty sky and dripped off the forest canopy above. It was an enchanting experience.

We had a blast talking amongst ourselves and joking for hours. We were fortunate enough to have Goldmyer all to ourselves that night. Periodically, we ventured into the abandoned mine shaft – a cave filled with piping hot, waist-deep water.

Joe and Shelby’s dialed in the vibes further with their trusty UE BOOM 2. We took turns playing DJ and at some point, the speaker got bumped and fell in the water.

Kim gasped, “Oh no!”

“It’s fine,” said Joe. “It’s waterproof.”

We all breathed a sigh of relief and at some point made our way down to a lovely campground where we settled in for the night.

During breakfast the next morning, Joe and Shelby announced their plans to elope! Those two lovebirds make each other very happy and we were thrilled by the surprise. We wish them the best on their new adventure.


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