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Truckin’, like the do-dah man in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Strange Formations

There is something strange and trippy about Joshua trees that beguiles me.

When I graduated high school in St. George, UT, my friends and I celebrated by taking a 4WD road to a secluded area near Cedar Pocket, AZ. We wandered around on a moonlit night beneath a canopy of Joshua trees. Their outstretched limbs seemed to dance along with us as we blasted loud music without a care in the world. Our next chapter had not yet been written. Our whole lives were ahead of us and we felt alive.

It was an unforgettable experience and at age 22, I had a Joshua tree tattooed to my chest by CJ Fishburn in memorium. Despite my affinity for the tree, I had never been to Joshua Tree National Park until the opportunity presented itself on a road trip with Kim and Arrow from Utah to Arizona. The detour proved to be well worth the extra time on the road.


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